Input Dialog box auto close timmer

I need that an Input Dialog to be automatically closed after X seconds if user does not input in that specific time.

With Parallel activity doesn’t work:


With Do While activity doesn’t work since Input Dialog box cannot be closed or steped over.

I do not intend to use UiPath Forms which complicates my work for now.

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The following post will help you.

Please replace MessageBox with InputDialog


you can do this using parallel + isolated property

  1. save these 2 xamls to your project
  2. open dialog.main.xaml and replace my dialog box with yours
  3. change delay (seconds) if needed
  4. run dialog main.xaml
  5. dialog will close after x seconds

Dialog main.xaml (6.9 KB)
close dialog after X seconds.xaml (5.4 KB)

Thank you Youichi and jack.chan.
Your solutions inspired me to find my own which seems easier to create:

The only inconvenient is that I would have to export that Input Dialog as a separate workflow - so another file in my project.

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