Input data in particular cells


Hello, I am trying to add data from one data table to another datatable while keeping the formulas in some cell intact. I have attached a sample excel file for clarity.
In the sample excel file i want to add values into the “landing file” sheet from the “Input file” sheet.
The “final file” sheet is what I desireretain formula.xlsx (11.3 KB)


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I haven’t tried this before, just iam suggesting you to try this.
If you are trying to use Read range and store it in a datatable it will not take it as a formula.

So Better you have to Assign formula directly into Excel sheet.
Use the Invoke Code
And Read the Excel sheet and Assign the Property of the cell to a formula like below

Range(“C1”).Formula = "=A1+B1"

Here you are setting the property of cell C3 with a formula of adding A1+B1 cells.



@MAHESH1 Are you suggesting to do it for all the cells. whereever there is a formula involved? Because I have ~ 1000 such cells.


Do you want to Include the same formaula for all the Cells.
First set the Formula to a cell then copy the formula to a specific range like below.
Now it will copy the formula which you have set in C1 to the Range From C1 to C10



@MAHESH1 As provided in the excel. I have different formulas in different cells


Different Formulas in the sense can you give some example



like the profit has (sales - cost) and percentage change has (current year - prev year)/prev year



Any how you are doing based on corresponding cells only right



yes… based on the corresponding current year and prev year


Can you please post the excel with your requirement , for better understanding.



I have posted the excel file. in the question @MAHESH1