Input array is longer than the number of columns (Excel application scope)

Previously I had tried to run and it works but after I added more variables, they didn’t allow me to run, hopefully, anyone can spare me some time to help me solve the problem :slight_smile: (308.9 KB)

The error is in Add data row in the for each activities in case anyone keen to help :slight_smile:

The error says that
the number of columns and the data array you are passing are not matching.

For example:

There are 3 columns
Pass only three values {value1,value2,value3}


Your excel itself is empty… if you read it, you will get a empty data table, but you are trying to add data of four rows in add data row activity… That’s why you are getting this error… If you want to do so, Make sure your excel has fours columns to add four values in a row

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but previously i could run either 2,3 or 4 items depends on the number of information I want to collate however now it does not work,
my excel will have 4 column because i will add title before the robot start reading the email for information, thus this shouldn’t be a problem
also what you meant by make sure your excel has 4 columns to add 4 values in a row do you have any example? thanks :smile:

Yes, you are writing the values to D1 but make sure by printing the count of columns in the data table before reading the excel