Input 40 forms from rows from mysql and change IP by vpn

necesito un experto en uipath para hacer lo siguiente:

  • Tenemos más de 100 filas de datos (mysql)
  • Debemos rellenar más de 40 formularios diferentes de otras webs que no son nuestras (campos diferentes) cada una de nuestras filas de bbdd.
  • Después de cada fila debemos cambiar de IP mediante un VPN (porque cada fila es de un país diferente).

nota: esto lo hacemos legal, con las leyes de rgpd y todo!

I need a expert of uipath for:

  • We have more 100 rows in our mysql
  • We must input more 40 forms (sites not ours) of differents fields each row (100 or more)
  • After the input 40 forms for 1 row, i must change IP by vpn (ip depends of row because is of country different).

Note: We work ALL LEGAL with RGPD and ALL legal!

What have you tried so far? Have you started a workflow?

Hi Bailamj,

Based on your requirements, I have an idea/procedure that can be used to complete the above scenario.


For changing IP address, you can make use of “ProtonVPN windows app -Different countries are available” create a workflow file for changing IP address by automating through this app.(Note: Use dynamic selector for Country name and provide this value as input argument for this workflow)

Create a nested loop,

For 1st loop: iterating element is row , and let number of rows be condition. {

//Before the start of 2nd loop
Invoke the “VPN workflow file” for changing IP address based on Country. (Note: Country can be used as Input Argument)

For 2nd loop: iterating element is form , and let number of forms be condition.{

I have proposed this solution outline, since I don’t have adequate info about the site and forms that are going to be used in the above scenario.

With Best Regards,

I want hire a person for this. I will not do it.
I need a person for TO DO this.

Hi @bailamj if you want to hire someone to complete this for you, you’re better off using the job section

Hello, were you able to implement this? do you think this may help against a re-captcha? like rotating IP’s ?