Inline images gone when forwarding emails

Basically, I want to forward all incoming emails to several mailboxes. However, the forwarded emails are missing their inline images. Images are provided as an attachement (which is not desired behaviour).

I use Exchange scope > get exchange mail message > for each > send exchange mail message > forward mailmessage

IsBodyHtml is on (in Get / Send exchange). I don’t understand why this happens (why does Uipath alter the emails?), what’s the best way to fix this?

I have the same Problem. Does anyone have the solution for this case?

Hi @Whynotrobot @SaFa

What is your version of the the Mail activity package? Is this the latest one?

yes, it is happening with the latest version as well…

Hi @binaer

I registered it as a bug in our system. Could you still confirm the version of your UiPath Studio that you are using? Is it 20.10?