Inline images gone when forwarding emails

Basically, I want to forward all incoming emails to several mailboxes. However, the forwarded emails are missing their inline images. Images are provided as an attachement (which is not desired behaviour).

I use Exchange scope > get exchange mail message > for each > send exchange mail message > forward mailmessage

IsBodyHtml is on (in Get / Send exchange). I don’t understand why this happens (why does Uipath alter the emails?), what’s the best way to fix this?

I have the same Problem. Does anyone have the solution for this case?

Hi @Whynotrobot @SaFa

What is your version of the the Mail activity package? Is this the latest one?

yes, it is happening with the latest version as well…

Hi @binaer

I registered it as a bug in our system. Could you still confirm the version of your UiPath Studio that you are using? Is it 20.10?

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Hello @loginerror,

I also have this issue. I’m using UiPath 2020.10.4 with UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.9.5
After reading an email with “Get Exchange Mail Messages” and trying to send it with either “Send Exchange Mail Message” or “Send Outlook Mail Message” the inline images are changed to attachments.

Hi Maciej, is there any news on fixing this issue?

I am using Studio Pro 2021.4.3 and UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.10.5 and still see the same issue.

I checked the Attachments collection that is downloaded with the email, all attachments have the ‘ContentDisposition’ set to ‘attachment’ even images from signatures, which is odd. Even if I set the property ContentDisposition.Inline = True for signature images, and then send the email (as forward) signature images are still showing as attachment files and do not appear in email body.

Please, let us know is UiPath team is looking onto this and what is the ETA for the fix. What options we have in the meantime to address this?

Thank you,

Hi @Robert.Oslanec

Although I cannot share the exact timeline for this issue to be fixed, I can suggest contact with our technical support in case you are our Enterprise customer:

You might mention this topic in the ticket.

Our support team would then be able to suggest any potential workarounds and/or escalate further to increase the priority given to the issue :slight_smile:

Hello, any update on this one? having the same issue when using Exchange forward mail

Kindly update on this issue.

The potential fix to this issue is coming in the future version.

@Faisal_Maqsood @Whynotrobot can you please check with Mail 1.13.1-preview?

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