InjectJS bug on Chromium

Hi all,

I got an error on today.
Inject JS bug with attached browser on Chrome/Edge.
Sample case: I use “Inject JS” activity to alert “Hello world” on the UIPath website

  1. Firstly, I open a new browser, not run inject activity before.
  2. The first run is successful.
  3. In The second run, I got an error: “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.”

Does someone have the same issue? Please give me some advice…

Recording here:
Output here: output.txt (3.2 KB)

Hi @Chinh_Le

Which Studio version are you using? Would you mind also trying the latest preview of the UIAutomation package and seeing if this solves this issue?

Hello @Chinh_Le !
I’ve asked my team on possible causes for this.
Are you closing and reopening the browser before the second run of the workflow?
If not, could you please run the workflow and close the browser when it’s finished and see if this issue still happens?
Not closing the browser after Injecting the script might alter the cache and create the issue.

Hi @loginerror,
My studio is 2022.4.4 and my UIAutomation package is v22.4.4.

I used the preview version too, but it still has an error.

Chinh Le

Hi @Iulian_Marin,

Exactly, I got the error after the second run of the workflow without closing the current browser.
Everything is OK if I close browser in the first run and open a new instance in the second run.

But in some cases, I need to keep the current browser. Have any solution for this case, please tell me.
Or just still an error on the new version of UiPathAutomation package or a Chromium issue?

Chinh Le

Hi @Chinh_Le ,

We have this issue registered internally.
It occurs if the Chrome/Edge extension v22.10.5 (installed with Studio 2022.4.4) is installed per-user (using /chrome or /edge). It does not occur if the extension is installed using Group Policy (Extension for Chrome).

This issue will be fixed in the next releases of the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package:
- UIAutomation v22.10
- UIAuomation v22.4.8
It will also be fixed in the next extension update: v22.10.6


Thank you very much, @Luiza_Surdu-Bob. That is the answer.

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