Inject JS Activity


I need to get the grid data from ExtJS Framework in Chrome browser using UiPath InjectJS.
Here my problem is I can’t able to use ExtJS code inside the Uipath InjectJS Activity. Can anyone help me to figure out the answer?

This is Extjs Grid: Sencha | Examples


Forgive me for not directly answering your question but is there a reason you’re using an InjectJS Activity to get data from a table rather than using uiPath’s Data Scraping wizard?


Thanks for your response. I am having one page from there we have one ExtJS Grid, from there I need to select the particular record and click into next page. This is what I needed but I am going to inject my Extjs call from UiPath to That Page.

After your latest response I think I understand the problem a little better, but I would just like to make sure I am on the same page as you and that all simple options have been exhausted.

While a click event would select the item because it’s in the ExtJS Grid it may not be loaded to the screen and therefore the click activity may not find it.

So, you’re attempting to inject an Extjs call to select the item before continuing the workflow.

Could you attach the InjectJS step you’re working with so I could take a look at it and see what’s going on?

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Thanks for your response, From the injectjs will accept the js code, it will not allow my extjs code what should I do?


I can’t really say without seeing the problem and the code. Could you make a small example that recreates the issue and attach the xaml?

I have the problem that I do the scraping in a specific table but it is required that in the rows of the table you click and re-perform a scraping you could help me