Initiation of ORACLE database connection

I’m unable to initiate oracle database connection using uipath studio. I can initiate the database connection through oracle SQL developer. database is not installed in my computer. it is another server. But in order to connect from the uipath studio, i need to install oracle instant client application. But what is the type of the application.

these are the types of oracle client application that i have found.
I have so many topics in the uipath forum but non of them works for me.
Please support me on this matter.


As far as I know Oracle uses ODBC and therefore you should be able to connect to your Oracle-DB via the ODBC-Connection and “System.Data.OracleClient”. What’s the error you get? What’s your config?

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i have installed the oracle instant client and odbc on windows server 2019 and it is showing some errors about missing dll file when trying to create new dsn.