Initialization value for complex objects


I want to test the workflow Process in a RE Framework process. I need some of the values in the in_TransitionItem argument, which as you know is usually of type QueueItem. I’ve in the past right-clicked on the activity, then selected Test Activity and then set in the Local Panel the needed testing values for the arguments. I’ve even set initialization values for arrays, dictionaries and even dictionaries inside dictionaries. But in this case it’s a type more complex.

I’ve run the whole process until that point, copied the data in that argument, stop, test activity and then tried to paste the copied data, but it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried with Object Initializations (New QueueItem With { .SpecificData={Blahblahblah}}), with the same no result.

I know there’re workarounds, it’s not like I’m blocked, but I’m curious about if what I want is really possible and how.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Populating Test values ist better to do with the immediate Panel Box

Another Option would bei to Setup a Testroutine Like

  • new xaml ProcessTest.xaml
  • Prepare the Dummy Workqueue Item
  • Pass IT to a invoked Workflow File and invoke your process.xaml