Initial Robot from Starter Tutorial

Hi Forum, I have just registered and trying to set up the first robot from the starter lessons where you choose the browser Chrome, identify the url to point towards google and get through all of the lines from the currency file to get the daily values.
I am struggling with the step to hit enter after typing the data (only the typing part is working fine) but as soon as I am trying to add enter as special key and execute the run, an error is being displayed: "

There is no difference while using an other search engine e.g., it is not possible to set up the add-on for firefox (is says during setup that the installation went fine but during execution it is telling that the browser is not compatible).

Everything was tried several times and double checked - all settings are exactly the same like in the tutorial explained, except one but I suppose this is just a naming issue as the functionalities are the same (For Each Excel Row (within the tool) <-> Excel For Each Row (within the tutorial)).

Please support as this is really frustrating.

I have jjust tried to set up an other special key, but there is the same error, maybe there is something wrong with a library or anything related with the environment? By the way I am running StudioX on the community license.

Ok, so the problem is occurring only while trying to simulate a special key in the search filed of google in a browser. I tried to put the data instead of a browser into a notepad and it is working fine, also with simulating enter.

Any ideas, what could be the issue and how to solve it during the interaction with a browser?