Initial question on Studio X - how to access websites in Chrome

I’m trying (and failing…) to use StudioX to simply open a Chrome session and go to a web site. I’ve only just taken Community version of SX but I can’t see where the problem is

I’ve dragged an Application Card into the working area, and then chose a “Type Into” action to go underneath it.
I click on “Indicate target” and then select the address bar of Chrome (open in the background)
I then click on the + sign to add the web address (eg just
When I click save and then “Run”, all that happens is a new Chrome window opens behind an already opened window

Is it because when I try to click on the address bar, it simply highlights the whole browser window; ideally I would have liked it to simply highlight the address input box

Any ideas welcome

Hi welcome to the community!
I would recommend that you do at least the tutorials before getting your hands dirty, and preferable the academy too as they will greatly easy your start with StudioX…
But this issue looks like you dont have the chrome extension working…

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Have you installed the chrome extension from Tools ?
You could try to use IE instead of chrome, since you dont need extension for IE.

hi, the chrome extension was installed - it wouldn’t let me “Run” the process without it, and I can see it within the chrome://extensions/
In terms of IE, I thought that support of this was discontinued so I no longer have this browser
thanks for your speedy response though - much appreciated with anything that I can try next
many thanks

can you share the exact link so we can try it also ?

hello - which link please?

hi -it’s ok, I’ve now run it and it works after rebooting the PC - thanks for your help