In the INIT I have the activity get IMAP mail messages.

Question 1:

  • I need the pdf attachments too, so I’ve used save attachments there. I need to read/check/sort all of them later. (I hope this is the correct location to use the save attachments? (INIT)?

Question 2:

  • I have to check the mails with keywords that I have saved in a CSV list. Now I don’t know where or when to use my CSV file to check my mails for keywords?
    I need to upload the CSV (and check the mails) in the PROCESS I think?

Question 3:

  • What is the difference (Or best in my situation) between Add queue item or Add transaction item?

Please help!
Thank you! :pray:

@E_lanotte About the Question 3, you can find about it more in the Docs below:

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@E_lanotte About your Question 1 and 2, If they are the same process, then do you only want to save the attachments of the mails which are having the keywords in CSV List ?

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I need to check the PDF attachments with 2 CSV files (containing keywords) that I created myself.
(I need to see if the PDFs are invoices or reminders to sort them and sent them to the correct mailbox, so I wrote as many as possible synonyms)

Actually I need to check the mails with the same CSV files (keywords) that I created.
(I want to check the mails too, because not all the mails have attachments)

Thank you for responding :grinning:

@E_lanotte Actually In the Question 2, It was the mails mentioned and not the PDF attachments, So got confused :sweat_smile: . Can you Show Screenshots with Explanation of what you are doing manually, So that we can get a Clear understanding of the process that needs to be built ?

@E_lanotte About the Question 1. Since you are using RE Framework, I think you can do the same in the Init Process as the Attachments will be saved in the Folder. You can then access the saved files in the Process using Directory.GetFiles()

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I don’t have many to share :relaxed:
I’m trying to understand how to start, because I’ve run into problems before (like adjusting the type of the variables of the emails.)
I don’t know how to get them as “mailMessage” or “List < mailMessages >” because when using the queue, they are “QueueItems” :neutral_face:
I got confused because somebody told me I needed to set the type of my TransactionItem to “mailMessage” in the main.

I want a fresh start because I was confusing myself too much :joy:
It is my first time building without Academy walktrough :woman_shrugging:

I never used keywords too, so if you have suggestions for this? :blush:

@E_lanotte I would Strongly suggest you to go through the Academy Tutorials and the Trainings :sweat_smile: . Because these are good and it will improve your process understanding Skills for sure After that you would be able to do everything on your own as well.

But as far as your Process is considered, yes it can be done in that way as well. But we would need a full understanding of the process as to what you want to do.

You mean TransactionItem as mailMessage type?
And use the queue?
I’ve followed the Academy compleet but stopped 3 months (because circumstances) So I’m confused now :laughing:
I’m searching overthere too but I never find exactly what I want to practice (Like the keywords) :thinking:

@E_lanotte I don’t think You’ll be needing Queues for this. But Also the Changing of TransactionItem to MailMessage depends on what you want to do and what is the Output you need. If you change it to Traansaction Item then that means you are taking each mail message and Processing it, if that’s want you want then it is fine. Else you’ll need to analyse what happens further if the mail message is used.

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