Infrastructure setup for a client and estimations

Planning to setup RPA infrastructure for one of the client. Just looking for information on
Any pre-requisites and installation of SQL Server DB, Elastic Search Cluster, Studio, Orchestrator, Robots, DR Data center, etc.

Request you to please guide me on where to start and how to proceed further?

Hi @tkatakam27

I think @jogayon001 can give some insight on this

Thanks for your immediate help.

@jogayon001, can you please suggest your inputs on this, please?

Hi @tkatakam27, have you gone through the documentation for each component? You can access

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@ovi, yes I have gone through the documentation independently and i am still not sure on how to connect all these independent components installation. I am just looking for step by step procedure on where/how to start?
If you can suggest me steps then that will be so much helpful for me to proceed further. Thanks for your time.

Hey @tkatakam27, wanted to check if you received any reference for the information you were looking for? If yes, please share.