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The [InfoSet] series summarise a topic and offer information resources of different kinds. As the topic of Legacy-to-Windows migration is currently in focus, it was selected for the [InfoSet] series to provide further assistance.

This information index is the landing page that lists all the different information resources.


Tools & Guides

Blueprint Block Topic
Registration / Inventorisation / Prototyping Jump Start Guide - A series of questions and a checklist for preparing a Legacy-To-Windows migration
Prototyping / Packaging NuGet Package Check - check which compatibilities are offered by a package (NuGet Package)
Prototyping prototypical Legacy-to-Windows migration Demo

Custom Activity Migration

Mapping Sets - Code Conversion Mappings

Group Comment Link
General Fix Tracker - Current status and its progress [InfoSet] - LegacyToWindows Migration # Issue - Mapping Set - Fix Tracker
General First Stop Troubleshooting Guide for Legacy-To-Windows Migration Issues Troubleshooting Guide : Conversion from Windows-Legacy project to Windows project
Microsoft.Activities.Extensions Dictionary related Activities Code Mappings for the different Dictionary related Activities 🚑 🆘 [FirstAid] Migration to Windows target Framework - Missing Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package - Dictionary Activities


Virtual Event: Recording & Presentation is available

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