Informative Screenshots disappear

Hi All,

after a while and almost every time, the informative screenshots are gone from the activities as shown below. Any idea why this happens. Its a bit annoying and makes the automation less readable


Thank you and Regards

Make sure your .screenshots folder (and the rest of the folders) is not set to hidden.

Are you copying/moving the project from one folder to another? Make sure you also copy/move all the folders including .screenshots

Is your automation doing something that deletes files in .screenshots?

Hi @Sekhar !

All informative screenshots stay in folder called ‘.screenshots’.
To see this folder, apply the filter ‘Show hidden folders’.

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Sometimes, this folder disappear because you are moving the project, compressing the project folder. If you need to moving the project, compress your folder with apps like WinRar or 7-zip. This apps mantain your .screnshots folder.