Information on handling multi page documents as single exported files

How to work with a single pdf file with multiple pages Using ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio allows creating FlexiLayouts for multi-page documents. The program will treat the document as a whole and look for the elements irrespective of the pages on which they are located.

Handling multiple pages on a document can be achieved using the document definition settings for the respective Flexilayout. 

This involves defining a standard header and footer that will identify the start and end of each document. Adding to that, the minimum and the maximum number of pages will also need to be specified. If not specified, the default first page will only be processed. For further details, click here .



The following steps can be used to configure the document definition to process repeating sections:

1. On admin station -> open "Document definitions" window (Project -> Document Definitions)

2. Select the document definition that handles this PDF and click on "Edit"

3. On the new document definition editor window, right-click on "Document section" and click on "Properties"

4. Make changes in the "Section can repeat in a document from" field to accommodate the maximum number of pages. This by default will be 1, which means the defined section would only be allowed to repeat on the first page. Making this the maximum pages will accommodate the repetitions in the additional pages also, as shown below:


5. Once finished, save the document definition, close the editor and publish the document definition to update the FCDot file. 

The new template should be able to process all the pages in a single run and export the contents in a single export file using UiPath activities and the latest FCDot file.