Information about UIPath and Cherwell

Hi Forum!

I’m sitting in the IT Department of a company and are trying to figure out everything regarding UIPath.

I’m trying to figure out how to get UIPath to perform tasks for us, fully automated(Without interaction from a person).
So the ideal scenario is that a ticket comes in, asking for a access to a system or a password reset.
Our ITSM System (Cherwell) should then iniate the process in UIPath, and the process should then be run on a virtual machine set up for this purpose.

I have hit some dead ends unfortunately.

I just wanted to hear if anyone here has some input regarding this? or is maybe already using UIPath together with Cherwell or some other ITSM tool.


As per ITSM system lot of things happing around service now

You can start with defining you process and break down into steps and start automating

You can also do API automation without interacting with GUI

For Cherwell API documentation you can check below

You can use HTTP request activity to GET / POST calls

Hope this helps you


Hello Niclas,
Here you have a playlist with 10 videos all working with HTTP Request working with Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Jira:

and here you have a playlist with webhooks:

Cristian Negulescu