Info box for Input arguments


I have created a snippet and it takes some input argument from users.
I want to put some sort of info about this argument so that it would be easy for users.
For example when i hoove over the argument it can appear.
Is it possible to do that?

Thanks in advance!

In the input dialog itself, you can give the description whatever you want in the Label field @dcrt


I can’t have a dialog box. The area that i want to see the info is somewhere around here:

Info is about in_TaskNo.

That would be an enhancement of the tool @dcrt,

I don’t think we have a way to do that

Hi @dcrt

I think eventually you will be able to add an annotation to your variables from the Variable pane (right click menu on a variable) and those annotations will be converted to the tooltips. I think it already works when adding an annotation for the main sequence in a library project.




Thank You!

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