Infinite looping when adding items in the queue


I am trying to add items in the orchestrator queue but noticed that it’s forever looping.

In my queue setting I have disabled the “Enforce unique references”.

I have tried the below solution but it’s not accepting it and just getting a compiler error:

1.) On the Main>>Get Transaction Data State, scroll to the bottom. You will find the Transition(s) for this state.
2.) Click on the New Transaction. You will now be inside the New Transaction Transition. Here you have 2 conditions, (1) New Transaction and (2) No Data.
3.) Change the value of the conditions accordingly:

New Transaction:
From - TransactionItem IsNot Nothing
To - TransactionItem IsNot Nothing and TransactionItem = “1”

No Data:
From - TransactionItem Is Nothing
To - TransactionItem > “1”

Any suggestion on how to go about it?

Hi @redanime94

Can you show what is your transactionitem and how you looped and you need not change anything in transitions


I am using REFramework

Hi @redanime94

I know you are using re framework but when you need to add queue items you need to change the transactionitem appropriately and also include few conditions to ensure bot loop through the elements

Are you using a loop in process xaml to add queu items?


Yes I am - read the range of the spreadsheet and add to a data table, then use “For each row” to add items to the queue.

Hi @redanime94

Thats is not how you do it

  1. Read the data in intialize or in get transaction data into io_transactiondata
  2. Change the transactionitem variable type to datarow and change it in all xamls get transaction data remove get queue items and place a if condition in_transactionnumber>io_transactiondata.rowcoun
  3. In then block of if condition give assign with transactionitem=io_transactiondata(in_transactionnumber-1)
  4. In else block of if condition add transactionitem=nothing
    6.use add queue item in process xaml

Please check the video


Hi. I have tried this and I don’t think this is what I need. What I do is read from the spreadsheet and load them up to the Orchestrator queue.


For that i gave you steps…i gave the video to understand where all you have to change in reframework… once you change all the require variables…do the steps that i gave and use add to queu in the process xaml