Industries and processes to apply RPA automation

Hello Folks,

For a little bit of not technical talk can we share the business industries and processes where RPA can be applied.

We are starting small (4 people company) by thinking of automation ideas and targeting small size businesses (10 to ~150 employees). Recently we developed linkedin automation process which allows HR companies to reduce manual effort in search of candidates. We presented the demo and customer was impressed - so that was a good start.
Another process we are working on is to reduce work around accounting - we are planning to present it to a 16 people company.

Can you share other processes/industries for automation as we currently lacking ideas of what can be automated. Without knowing processes it is difficult to come up with demo. Without demo it is difficult to get invited.

Also when talking to companies we noted that people have no idea what can and cannot be automated, hence asking them to describe their monotonous processes is a bit pointless.

P.S. we are using uipath community edition for demo purposes. Along with that we using other RTA tools as well as developing custom solutions (scripts).

Thank you,

It seems RPA can be a good option to use with BPM Systems. Usually, in several parts of a process, you must integrate a BPMS with other systems… ERP, specific industry software, HR Management Systems, etc.

A company with a good IT department might have personel and time available to code those integrations. But a smaller company, without people specialized in databases, etc, shouldn´t even try to mess with an ERP database for example.

A RPA system might replace those integrations in a much simpler (albeit a little slower) way.