Individuals in Large Enterprises cannot use Community edition for evaulation or experimentations

I am an individual from a large enterprise. Does that mean I cannot use UIPATH Community edition 2018 for training or Evaluations/experimentation perspective within my organization?
Does it have a UIPATH Policy violation issue?
Kindly confirm

Requesting UIPATH Team to respond

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Hi @Priya_Infy

Indeed, for large enterprise you should request a Trial version of the Enterprise Edition.
This page contains the detailed description:


How do i update enterprise trail version to latest ?

So does that means that I cannot use community edition for my learning purpose ?


You should have received the download link to the latest version. You can also request a link from our Support :slight_smile:

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If your organisation falls under the enterprise definition (more than 250 machines or users), then you have to use the 60 day trial version.

This is meant for actual Proof of Concept implementations within the Enterprise.

For self learning, you could install the community edition for yourself, for example on your own laptop.

hi @loginerror

i received this error.image

Hi @rahatadi

Please see here:

However, please keep in mind that the workaround is only valid for Community Edition users. To extend the trial version for your Enterprise you will have to contact our support channels.