Indicate on screen for notes attachment pop up window will crash uipath

UIpath version is community version

  1. create a new email in lotus notes
  2. click attachment icon
  3. attachment window pop up
  4. indicate on screen using uipath will crash uipath, computer will black screen

Any one can help me to resolve this issue?

is it occuring when doing manually like when clicking on this popup is the screen turning black
if so kindly check with your admin team on this
if not then reinstall the application and try once after restarting
Cheers @qianiqan

I try to reinstall and restart , still not working
my computer is win10 which has 8GB RAM.
does not know how to fix this issue

Hello I had the same Problem,

the search Strg+E (in german “Suche”) is an Example.

While a lot of things (clicks, activities etc.) lead to an crash of the studio. The search in the UiExplorer works. It is not a full solution, but you can get the selectors there.