Indicate element while debugging - studio

Hi team

In studio whenever we run the project in debug mode we have an option to modify the variable and arguments value with local panel if we want to pass or change the value at any time

But if bot fails due to selector issue and if we want to change the selector then we have to stop the bot, reselect or modify the existing selector and run the process again from the beginning

Instead if we can edit selector also like variables and arguments it would save a lot of time in debugging

Some other properties like Target → WaitForReady can also be enabled to do the changes when debugging


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This is a great idea! Something similar to Edit and Continue (Visual Studio) would save a lot of time. E.g. a big application update might break several selectors. Instead of stopping, fixing and rerunning the robot several times to find all invalid selectors, we would be able to do this in one go with this feature.

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Even if it’s like modifying them during debugging time alone would save a lot of time


We have this on our roadmap. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver it soon. Thanks for your feedback.



Thank u @alexandru

Also how about a self healing strategy as in Katalon studio. During the recording itself the system can save multiple reliable selectors and if one fails, execution can try to progress with the next selector in the list.

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Hmm interesting @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Hi Team,

Currently we are not able to indicate the UiElement or change the selector in Debug mode because of that we need to stop the entire execution even if we want to change the single attribute value in the selctor.

If possible please allow to reindicate the UiElement and change the selector in Debug mode. It will save lot of time to developers.


hey @lakshman

this is such a good a idea, i was thinking the same thing!



Just for the info
This was already raised and taken for feedback

Cheers @lakshman


I’ve joined the topics in the hope that the votes will get added (it was 7 here and 7 in the identical suggestion topic), but it didn’t happen :frowning:

Either way, we are working on bringing this functionality to Studio at one point :slight_smile: