Indicate Anchor in UIExplorer is not working properly!

I am working on Practice 2 of UIPath Academy’s “Selectors in Studio” lesson, and it instructs the student to use the ‘Indicate Anchor’ feature in the UIExplorer to create more reliable selectors. However, there is a case where using Indicate Anchor on a piece of text leads to the selector simply containing the link to the website:

<html url='**'/>

Compare this to the original selector:

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Rpa Challenge' /> <webctrl tag='LABEL' /> <nav up='1' /> <webctrl tag='INPUT' />

What can I do to get Indicate Anchor working properly?

Hi @Jack_Moran,

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Can you share a screenshot of your flow or .xaml?


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Okay, let me know if these help!

I am sharing a simple example. You can apply accordingly.

AnchorExample.xaml (7.8 KB)

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So it does require Anchor Base! I knew that would work, but the lesson said to use Indicate Anchor, so I thought I was missing something regarding that feature. From now on, I will simply go straight to Anchor Base. Thanks for the help!

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