Index was outside the bounds of the arrayy

@Soudios Hello , I figure you still couldn’t get the ClientID value :sweat_smile: , Or is it any other problem?

hahaha i am desesparate lol don’t know what i have to do

@Soudios Ok in that case, Try this :
Split(ClientInformation,":") and assign this value to an array of String Variable

Then use a for Loop to Loop through the array and check the value inside a Message box

after the data scarping the process click on log out and nothing after, that why it cannot find the attach browser. What is the problem ?

@Soudios But the error was in the Assign Statement right ? :sweat_smile:

yes thats right

@Soudios Then it means after Attach Browser , Error Pops up in the Assign Statement , So Attach Browser is Properly Working, You need to Check what is Wrong in the Assign Statement right ?

thats right, but i dont know what

@Soudios Is your ACME browser open with the ClientID page ?

no it doesnt work

@Soudios What doesn’t work :sweat_smile:

the page doesnt open

@Soudios Even manually when you try ? :thinking:

manually it works when i click on the button

@Soudios Yes, I want you to Open it manually and go up to the Page where you get the ClientID value, and Send me A Screenshot