Index value of UIelement has been changed

Hi Team,

Please find the attachment here. On using “TypeInto” activity and selecting one Uielement, it’s index value is different with the actual uielement while I was trying to run it through the uipath.

Actual index value is 9
expected index value should be 1

Hi Shivender,

I think you may need to update your selector. Can you confirm if you’re trying to spy the UiElement: “First:” under the Name section? :slight_smile:

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So, I went to the site ( and the index value is in fact 9. You can see this when you view the html (right-click inspect)

What you need to do is include the parent element. This will help make sure you get it right every time.

In the selector you can add information about the parent element.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Bubble Application' />
<webctrl tag='DIV' innertext='First:' class='bubble-r-box' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' type='input' />

By using the innerText of the parent element (First:) you’re pretty much guaranteed to select the correct element.

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