Index out of bounds

I am getting this error which states that “Execute Non Query: Index was outside the bounds of the array.” Any help here would be appreciated

Hi ,

It’s written as Item6 and Hope that it should be item(6).

Please verify Once.

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You’re right, @Priyanka_Ramesh :slight_smile:

@Hammad_Ahmed, kindly verify this and get back if you’re still facing any issues.

I tried witching the item6 to item(6) as suggested by @Priyanka_Ramesh and now i am getting this error

No issues, @Hammad_Ahmed :slight_smile:

Check if the loop returns the expected value without additional spaces for item(6) using a message box and if it does, then try to print the entire line of code in the message box and verify your query manually.

Hi ,

I tried with a Sample Tuple in this file . Please replace with your original record.Tuple.xaml (4.6 KB)