Incrementing in UiPath Apps


I’m having an issue with incrementing a value in UiPath Apps.

I have placed a counter in the app and when I click on a button this counter should be incremented by 1 and the slider should move one point. I’m not able to use the App variables with numbers to do this. Any thoughts or guidance on how to achieve this please…

In the screenshot above I need the value of counter incremented by 1 and the slider moved by a count of 1 on click of the button.

I need to be able to achieve this with the App Variable without calling a process to increment the counter.

Hi @SowmyaLeo did u mean to achieve the slider movement by 1 when u input the value of 1 in textbox and press button and achieve an output of 1 number slider increment?


Every time I click the button the value of the text box and the slider should increment by 1 .

So make a process which increment value by 1 and invoke there in app

As mentioned in the main topic, I wanted to use it without going into the process.

@evan.cohen @loginerror - I don’t think UiPath Apps currently support this. If so, please can this be added to future releases .