Incrementing count of a column in excel based on value of other table

Hi All,

I am working on an interesting problem wherein i am supposed to increment the count of column named No of Followups in an excel sheet if respective Decision column of that particular row is empty, this process will run everyday at around 9 am and increment the count. Attached is the excel sheet.

Folloup.xlsx (9.7 KB)


we need more information to understand your scenario

Hi @Aleem_Khan,

Let me explain to you the entire thing, i am running a process wherein i am collecting meta data from web which will be stored in the excel file(attached).
Now every day at around 9 i want to run a workflow which will open this meta data excel file and see a particular column(Decision Column) and if the decision is NULL then it should increment the Count Column by 1.
Hope this made it clearer.


I dont see the No.Of Followups column in your spreasheet…


Am I missing something here??

Sorry, the column name is count and not No. of followups

@shekhawat.arjun1307 - Please find the starter help here…


Assign → row(“Count”) = Cint(row(“Count”)) + 1

Output:(First Run)


Second run:


Note: Write Range should be kept outside the for each loop..

Hi @shekhawat.arjun1307

Please refer to the xaml below.
Main.xaml (9.0 KB)


Hi @pravin_calvin

I could only see the Read range activity in here rest it says Missing or invalid activities


@shekhawat.arjun1307 Flowchart1.xaml (18.3 KB)

Run this , its working…


also try this work flow as well.Flowchart1 - Copy.xaml (18.0 KB)

NOTE: in read range and write range - you may need to select again your excel file , as i had kept it on my local.
So this will fix your problem

hi @shekhawat.arjun1307
Please refer the screen shot of the xaml below.