Increase Thycotic Secret Server Timeout

How to increase Thycotic Secret Server timeout, to help UiPath Robots to fetch passwords?

Issue Description: UiPath Robots are not able to get passwords from Thycotic Secret Server randomly. How to increase Thycotic Secret Server timeout to get passwords?

Resolution: Perform the following procedure

  1. Contact the Thycotic Secret Server provider and request for the key which can be configured for the timeout
  2. Use the same xaml tag key for extending the timeouts in uipath.orchestrator.dll.config file, by referring to the below as a sample procedure.
Follow the below procedure:
  1. Retrieve the latest published .dll for our integration which can be found at UiPath Orchestrator TSS Releases
  2. Copy the SecretServer.SecureStore.dll file into the following directory on the Orchestrator server
  1. Stop IIS on the Orchestrator Server
  2. Open the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file with a text editor
  3. It is recommended to open the text editor first as an Administrator, then opening this file so that it can be modified. This file can be found in:
  • C:/programfiles(x86)/UiPath/Orchestrator
  1. Modify the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config to reflect your Secret Server dll value:
  • \
  1. After this is saved, start IIS on the Orchestrator server.