Increase The Expiration Time Of The Bearer Token ( ROPC Authentication)

How to increase the Orchestrator authentication timeout from 65 minutes to 24 hours? Is there a place that defines the Bearer Expiration variable?

If Orchestrator version 2019.4 or earlier is utilized, proceed as per below steps to increase the lifespan of the authentication Bearer Token.
Note: These older versions of Orchestrator are no longer in mainstream support. For further information and the implications of this, read Product Lifecycle.


  1. Modify the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config (known as web.config in these older versions, available in the Orchestrator installation folder) and modify the values (expressed in minutes) for the following keys:


  1. Generate with Postman a bearer token as mentioned in the Orchestrator Authenticating documentation


  1. Copy/ Paste the token and validate it in site in the Claims section.


Resolution: Auth.Bearer.Basic.Expire is obsolete since Orchestrator version 20.4. It is no longer possible to update the bearer token expiration time via UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config (web.config). As a result, the Auth.Bearer.Basic.Expire setting is no longer available in Orchestrator's configuration file starting with version 20.4.
Such changes are now possible only by adjusting the AccessTokenLifetime property of the Orchestrator.Ropc client in the Identity Server’s Clients database.

Run the below query against Orchestrator database:

UPDATE [identity].[Clients]

SET AccessTokenLifetime = 86400

WHERE ClientName = 'Orchestrator.Ropc'

Read more about this on the Identity Server Troubleshooting - Updating The Bearer Token Expiration.