Increase or Decrease The Time


I have a question about how to get the total timestamp. The scenario is increase or decrease 10 minutes from current hours. Example:

Current Hours is 11:00
Total: 11:10 (Increase) | 10:50 (Decrease)

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Try below expression.

For Increase:


For Decrease:


If you want it in 24 Hrs format then replace “hh” with “HH”.

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I forgot this,
how to assign the current hours to be 11:00 and what the type of that variable?


Create string variable and assign the above expressions to it.

I have a scenario,

1. Variable(DateTime) → timer1 = System.DateTime.Now. This variable will be increase 10 minutes.
2. Variable(DateTime) → timer2 = System.DateTime.Now.
3. The output from calculation process in step 1 will be decrease with timer2.

Can you help me for this scenario?


Try below expression.

            Timespan ts = timer1 - timer2

Where timer1 and timer2 are of type DateTime variables.

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