Increase base 64 encoded image size in Email Body


We are having a requirement to send an email with image size defaulted to 200%. We are using HTML with base 64 encoded image to generate email body. The same HTML code is working perfectly fine in the web browsers. But it is not working in UiPath send exchange mail messages activity.
HTML code for reference.
“<img src=”“data:image/png;base64,” +str_Base64_Image+ “”" />body{zoom: 200%;}"

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @SudhaRajesh,

Able to view the image in the html email body? I assume your str_Base64_Image is a Byte variable which holds the image’s byte code.

If that is the case then in your html email body you should have

<img alt ="" src ="cid:MyImage"/>

Share the xaml if possible.