Incorrect Username Or Password #1416 Error When Authenticating Via API

Error fix for 1. "Incorrect username or password" thrown when authenticating via API 2. "No tenant found matching name xxxxx" found in the Event Viewer

Issue Description: When performing an authentication via API using POST /api/Account/Authenticate from Swagger or Postman, the following error is encountered, even though the correct username and password are used:

  • "message": "Incorrect username or password",
  • "errorCode": 1416,
  • "resourceIds": null

Root Cause: This might be because a verification is being made at Identity level which compares the Global ID of the tenant from Identity (in identity.tenants table in the database) to the one from Orchestrator (dbo.tenants in the database). If these two values do not match, the above error is encountered.



  1. Note: Take backup of the [identity].[Tenants] table
  2. Update the [identity].[Tenants] table and set the [GlobalId] value to match the [Key] from [dbo].[Tenants]
    • For the tenant where the user is located
    • This is the correct value that should be present in both tables, it is the same one from the Event Viewer.