Incorrect totalRecordCount being returned for Entity Read API Request when limit is applied to query


The Data Service API returns the full count of the records even after applying the limit attribute to the Entity Read request.

For example: If I apply a limit of 1, it returns 1 data record which is good. But the totalRecordCount part of the response still shows the full count of the entire population.

To cut to the chase, please watch a small section of this video from 30:15 onward.


Hi Andy - The totalRecordCount field is designed to return the count of matching records to the query. This is to help with pagination so that users can calculate total pages and then loop through the number of pages using top & limit parameters.

The details of this field are available in the query activity -

I will get the same details added to the API page as well.


Understood. Now that you mentioned it, I remember reading the pagination part of the DS documentation several months ago. Sorry about my memory giving up on me!

Thanks again.