Incorrect Selector For all activities

I have been executing a scenario(Add product to cart and complete the payment) and it was working all fine until today when I saw that all my selectors are incorrect for all the activities I used in my flow.
I am wondering what could have gone wrong and cannot come up with any conclusion.
Any idea what might have went wrong?
Below is the screenshot and this is same for all activities(some 20-25)

thats becouse your elements are probably dynanic ones. You must use Ui Explorer and if you have some idx on your element ou some ctl00xxxxxx its becouse its dynamic this are only 2 exemples of dynamic elements.

UI Explorer

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Following is the most efficient approach when the selectors are messed up. Please follow this approach for best results…

Please follow the below approach for selectors issue:-

  1. Suppose you are using Click activity, then paste the selector into the notepad.
  2. Later, whenever you find the selector validation error, then re define it to resolve the error and paste the new selector into notepad too.
  3. Observe the difference between the two selectors and see what is changing.
  4. Try to make the variable tag as “*” or dynamic.

Believe me or not, 70% of the selector issues shall be resolved using these easy steps!

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my suggestion when using selectors are that, the lesser the number of identified elements, as long as there are enough selectors (4 to 6 or 2 to 3 lines), the easier it is to identify the element even when the website has changed.

just like @hacky suggested point 4 is the most essential. Point 3, make sure you compare the difference, based on my experience working with selectors, use name, text as the main identifier are the most stable of all if you are looking for a specific product. if you are looking for the number 1 product each day, delete off name or text, use idx or ctrlid, these are best if you want to locate the top item in your scenario. also ensure that you are using IE and not Chrome or any others because Chrome and co are seriously unstable with selectors.


Thanks Guys for the help! Well appreciated!:slightly_smiling_face:

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before you forget…mark hacky’s comment as the solution so the thread can close. thank you :3

done already :slight_smile:

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