Incorrect metadata for QuestionAnswering ML package


Can someone confirm the metadata provided for QuestionAnswering ML package is correct or not? The link is pointing to AustralianInvoices metadata. Is this correct? We were uploading ML packages to AI Center in Automation Suite Airgapped setup and came across this confusion.

ML Packages Offline Installation (

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@JithinKP Good Catch !

Even SentimentAnalysis Metadata Link is pointing to Australian Invoices Metadata !

Here are the correct links :
Question Answering Metadata
Sentiment Analysis Metadata

I have suggested an edit to the Documentation. The changes should be live soon !



@Nithin_P - Thank you.!! :slight_smile: Where did you get this from? Is it available somewhere in the Docs Nithin?

Hi @JithinKP ,

I sourced it from UiPath’s Github Repo for Customer AI Scripts.


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Good to know. Thank you for sharing this.!! :handshake:

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Thank you for pointing it out, it’s been fixed now.

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