Incorporating html and js file in UiPath Studio

Hello everyone. I have made a website using HTML and JS code in the Visual Studio Code. I tried to put the html code into notepad and saved it as html file. I was able to open the HTML file using UiPath Studio but of course, when it opens, some buttons in the website are not working because some of the functions of the buttons are written in JS language. Is there a way to open my website using UiPath Studio where it will work like “Open with live server” in Visual Studio Code? Thanks

PS: I am not sure if you guys can understand my explanation

I tried to combine the HTML and JS code in one notepad and saved it as HTML file and it did not work obviously
give a try on reference the javascript file local within the html like:

<script type='text/javascript' src='./relativePathFromHTMLFile/yourFile.js'></script>

I tried to do this but I don’t know if I did it right. Do you need a screenshot of my code so I can explain it further?

sure samples would help us

let assume all files are corrected referenced (./relativapath…)
a test in chrome (open it manually) and inspecting F12 tools console
here it could be the case that the local js files are blocked due CORS policy

We would suggest to investigate in this direction as well