Inconsistency SAP Fiori text field recognition (UiExplorer)

Hello All,

I’m currently a beginner in UiPath Studio and designing an SAP Fiori automation. I used the basic recording tool to perform certain clicks and fill mandatory fields. However I faced some issues regarding text field recognition. After I ran through the workflow, UiPath Studio can’t find the marked fields again, which I recorded before. Has someone faced the same issue and maybe has a solution/work-around?

As seen on the screenshot, the UI element (text field) could not been found:

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in your selector, replace content of htmlwindowname with *
so it looks like this
<html app='chrome.exe' htmlwindowname='*' title=.........

Hi @Loc_Vo_DE

Show us the screenshot of SAP. I am not sure, if we are speaking about SAP FIORI. The selector looks like SAP WebGUI (WebDynpro)

@jack.chan good hint, above!

Best regards, Lev

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