Inconsistency in Web Automation

Hi All,
I am working on a web automation which uses two web application and interacting between them. Everything works fine in my Development system, the bot is able to click on the UI elements in Dev System, where as the same Package deployed in another Testing machine fails. the strange part is the bot is interacting well with Web App-1 and it is not able to do any activities in Web App-2 (like Logging in , Clicking some Buttons Etc etc .,) . We cannot blame the application as it is working fine in my Development system. Please let me know the possible solutions for this.Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

First analysis steps are:

  • is webapp blocked by Policies / Firewall rules (IE e.g. Protection Mode, not added to trusted sites)
  • selector validations
  • Timings / Sync between Bot and Application
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I think its not. because the browser is able to open and we can do the process manually over there


I think its not.
is what?

a browser running in protected mode can be used manually (but also would quickly throws other exceptions)

But then its fine, if one of the possible root causes can be excluded and you can continue with further inspections

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Just try to open browser as an Admin by setting up the registry


the application is not blocked by policies/firewall rules. the strange thing is , in one VDI "Click activity is working and in some other only “Click Image” is working

ok Let me try