Inconsistency between running automation locally vs from orchestrator

I am talking about the ClientSecurityHash assignment.
When I publish the process and run it from Orchestrator it doesn’t work correctly, with following things noticed:

  1. Right in the beginning when opening the browser, it opens it somehow in background and I must manually use alt+tab to switch to it otherwise the process ends with error - because it can’t localize the browser
  2. When opening a browser to retrieve the hash code it remains there and doesn’t switch back to the browser where acme website is open in order to update work item with the hash code. I tried doing a workaround here by closing the sha1-online page after retrieving the hashcode → it simply doesn’t close it and that page remains on the screen until it throws an error that it can’t find element “blablabla”

Running the exact same process locally (F5 in the main.xaml) works perfectly (with the workaround mentioned earlier with closing the sha1-online page).

I have lost 3 hours today to try to understand why it doesn’t work when it’s being run from Orchestrator but I couldn’t find anything. Lucky me that I thought to just run the process locally and submit like that the results => I passed the verification perfectly.

I think this is a very big issue and I look forward to get some useful suggestions/solutions.