Inconsistence amongs activities properties

I already commented this before. I’ve detected annoying interface inconsistences amongst activities. Until now they were sort of “minor” ones: different text legends for the input boxes in the “properties” window vs the graphicsl workflow activity itself, different order in the fields, etc. Now this one is really annoying:

This “Get Credential” activity doesn’t have its input parameters available in the Properties window of the activity. I was going to check that the parameter was properly set there, as it’s throwing the

“Get Credential: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 1100; Asset name: row(“Value”).ToString”

error, and it seems to me it’s interpreting the value of a variable as a text string (‘row(“Value”).ToString’ comes from an Excel configuration file), just to realize that these fields are not available in the properties.

How can that be?? Until now, every activity I’ve used has the fields displayed on the activity box itself available in the properties. It doesn’t make sense that they aren’t.

The next activity in the diagram, for instance. A mere variable assignation. It’s showing the value to save and the name of the destination variable in the properties windows, even if it’s doing the annoying and confusing thing of changing the name of the field legend and the order of them, though.