Incomplete implementation of Orchestrator HTTP Request activity

The Orchestrator HTTP Request activity implemented under the UiPath.System.Activities has incomplete functionality.

For some of the API requests additional header options must be specified. The current implementation is not providing the functionality to add these additional parameters to the request Header.

The parameters are:

Some of the API calls which are requiring the above parameters are:
Releases - Get /odata/Releases
TestAutomation POST /api/TestAutomation/CancelTestCaseExecution
TestAutomation POST /api/TestAutomation/CancelTestSetExecution
TestAutomation POST /api/TestAutomation/CreateTestSetForReleaseVersion
TestAutomation GET /api/TestAutomation/GetAssertionScreenshot
TestAutomation GET /api/TestAutomation/GetReleasesForPackageVersion
TestAutomation POST /api/TestAutomation/StartTestSetExecution
TestAutomation POST /api/TestAutomation/StartTestSetExecutionWithOptions
TestDataQueueActions POST /api/TestDataQueueActions/AddItem
TestDataQueueActions POST /api/TestDataQueueActions/BulkAddItems
TestDataQueueActions DELETE /api/TestDataQueueActions/DeleteAllItems
TestDataQueueActions DELETE /api/TestDataQueueActions/DeleteItems
TestDataQueueActions POST /api/TestDataQueueActions/GetNextItem
TestDataQueueActions POST /api/TestDataQueueActions/SetAllItemsConsumed
TestDataQueueActions POST /api/TestDataQueueActions/SetItemsConsumed
TaskForms POST /forms/TaskForms/CompleteTask
TaskForms POST ​/forms​/TaskForms​/CreateFormTask
TaskForms GET ​/forms/TaskForms/GetTaskDataById
TaskForms GET ​/forms/TaskForms/GetTaskFormById
TaskForms PUT /forms/TaskForms/SaveTaskData
Assets GET /odata/Assets
Assets POST /odata/Assets
Assets GET /odata/Assets({key})
Assets PUT /odata/Assets({key})
Assets DELETE /odata/Assets({key})
Assets POST /odata/Assets/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetRobotAssetByNameForRobotKey
Assets GET

And many others. So this is a must have in the Orchestrator HTTP request activity.

I’m sure that @Tudor_Sandu will correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that this activity takes the context of your active Robot connection + the folder set in Studio during development. As such, these headers should not be required per-se.

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Hi Maciej, you are right. You need to be logged in in Studio with your user and also you need to select the Folder you are working with in the bottom right side of the studio. However those options are not so obvious and they should be specified on the activity.


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More over, starting with System 21.4, you can specify a different modern folder than the one you are connected to when using the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity.

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