Incompatible Studio packages from UiPath?

I’m working on a flow where I used the UiPathTeam.EncodeDecodeActivities.Activites to help me figure out what data scrapping from a Word document was getting so I could then use trim() to get rid of front/back string characters.

I left that package installed and then installed the UiPath.Web.Activities for JSON activities. Then this happened.

I start a simple setup using JSON deserialization. Basically just reading a JSON file and then deserializing it and I got this error:


It is not a problem that I have to remove the encode/decode in this specific workflow. I was only using it for data diagnosis.

But still, makes me wonder why two packages seemingly from UiPath would be incompatible with each other.

Comments ?

Every package will have its own dependencies, uitpathteam packages are not official ones, so that this could happen eventually…

The uipathteam part I figured wasn’t official but figured I’d ask. That encode/decode activity is SUPER useful for data diagnosis.

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