Incognito Browser somehow using cache

I am using Incognito/Private window property while doing ui automation. i am trying to do automation on some reports that generate on the web application. if i manually run the report with some date range, i get the report expected but when i run the report using the script that i developed using UiPath automation, i am getting the same report even though the date ranges are different. somehow Cache is doing in the background even though it is using Incognito/Private window property. i am aware that incognito mode doesn’t hold cache but this is weird

Please advice.

Test it manually. You’ll likely confirm its nothing to do with the robot and instead something weird with the site?

You are closing all incognito windows between right? If its the same session the cache exists.

manually it works as expected. it’s just while i execute using BOT, it behaves different. there is only this one browser playing while BOT is running. so i am not able to understand why this is different with and without BOT.

thanks for the response Jon.

Very strange indeed then. Not something I could explain nor have observed.

If you’re getting the same report, it means the input data is always the same. It might be because, even if the robot type into the right input data, and you can see that, the application itself does not submit it, thus it does not reach the backed and the report is generated wrong.

If that’s the case, it might be the application UI framework’s behavior that limits your automation.
The Modern Type Into activity offers an option (for simulate input mode only) named ‘Deselect at the end’, which helps with completing the type into events and triggers the UI events required for the data to be actually submitted to the backend.

Hope it helps.