Include sample configurations with Activity documentation

The UiPath documentation is quick and concise, however, I find that I often need an example to really cement a concept.

For example, If I am looking into the “Get Queue Items” activity it stands to reason that I may also want to see how to loop through the returned items and get the value of a specific content in the item.

I think it the documentation would be greatly enhanced by including sample workflows or sample property configurations in the same fashion that MSDN will include the documentation of a class or method but then follow that up with code samples.


Hi @cclements. Thanks a lot for your input. Feedback is always welcomed and, I hope, encouraged. We do indeed want to include examples in the near future to almost every activity.

More to the point of what you need, we do have an example of how to work with queue items here. It might be indeed a good idea to link this info with that of the activity, and we will proceed with that as soon as possible.

Let us know how you found the above example, and feel free to use the Suggest Edits feature in our documentation.

Cheers and happy automating!