Inability to Send E-mail

Hello, i have been unable to send my automation output to my outlook mail or gmail. It keeps throwing up an exception message - Error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection.
Server SSL certificate could not be validated.

Exception type: mailkitsecurity…

I tried running studio as administrator too, but i was denied access to orchestrator.

Any help, please?

@Onyedika_Kanu - try Send SMTP mail message activity

@ GBK - Thank you for your response. However, i still get an exception with SMTP mail message activity using gmail, despite inputting the necessary fields in the properties panel correctly.

@Onyedika_Kanu - can you pls share the properties(hashout personal info)


You can try changing property->SecureConnectionDisplayName->Auto to None

Also check If antivirus is blocking your request, try disabling Antivirus / Firewall

Hope this may help you


@ksrinu070184 Thanks for your response and sorry for replying late. Had issues with my Pc. Incidentally, your suggestion still did not work

@GBK, you mean to share a screenshot of the property panel?

Hi Guys, Will the help of a Uipath MVP (Mukesh Kala), I have been able to resolve my Gmail issues. Thanks to all that showed concern. I am available to help Should anyone encounter similar issue