Inability to print dates from a date dictionary

Hi people,

I am trying to print out the dates in a date dictionary but i keep getting the error “Option strict on disallows late binding”. I created two dictionaries
Dict1 = {New DateTime(2018, 01, 01),New DateTime(2018, 01, 15),New DateTime(2018, 02, 09), New DateTime(2018, 05, 28), New DateTime(2018, 07, 04)}

Dict2 = {New DateTime(now.Year, now.Month, 15), New DateTime(now.Year, now.Month, 28)}

So far, i can print out the dates in Dict2 but cant in dict1 cos i keep getting the error “Option strict on disallows late binding”. What could i be doing wrong?

What’s the type of Dict1 and Dict2? These don’t look like Dictionary initializers, more like arrays or lists.
Where are you getting the error (screenshot would help)?

Sorry i meant Array

Ok, so that’s cleared.
What error are you getting exactly and on what call (screenshot/xaml attached would help)?

HI @Olaoluwa,

i can able to print
Refer this xaml file
TestDateArray.xaml (7.4 KB)


So im actually trying to print the day of those dates… something like for item in Dict1, print the day of the week for each dates. I attached a screenshot to this message

Hi @Olaoluwa,

I hope you kept it in the object instead of date time
In for each type of argument field need to give as “DateTime”
In creating array it self if you created array Need to change to datetime
Try to change object to DateTime.


yes i did. I have attached the file. Please take a look if you can. Thank youMain.xaml (7.7 KB)