In Windows Project Can Anyone Suggest Package for Azure Devops Pipeline

In Windows-legacy Project I am using Devops-Azure.Activities Package for CI/CD Pipeline. But in Windows Project I am unable to find the same package and showing that this package is not compatible with the windows version(find that in the attached screenshot). So, can anyone suggest the package for Azure Pipeline for windows project.

Check this out


Hi @Chakravarthi_Koppuravuri

Ensure that you are using a version of the “DevOps-Azure.Activities” package that is compatible with your Windows project. It’s possible that the package version you are using is not supported in the Windows environment. Check the package documentation or release notes for information on compatible platforms and versions.


I am not clear about the solution mentioned @Palaniyappan, can you please provide it elaborately.

I am unable to see any previous versions of that package, it simply shows this package is not compatible. can you please look into the screenshot attached @Nitya1

Can you please suggest any other alternate package in windows project (other than DevOps-Azure.Activities by Atul Trikha as this package is not available in windows project) for connecting to Azure Devops @Palaniyappan @Nitya1