In which situation we can use modern activities

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Hope you all doing good I have very basic question that in which scenario we can use modern activites and classical activities because I have seen more advance functionality in modern activities and can we use both activity in our automation.
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Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

You can use both . The advantage of modern activities is that you can use the new features like object repository , fuzzy match etc. In Classic as well you can use fuzzy using regex selectors. A combination of both can always be used.

Modern design is basically to improve the UI and usability and make it easy for the developer. Once spied in modern design you can use it in multiple activities and changes can be made if needed in object repository directly which is not available in classic activities


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You have full flexibility, you can use both modern and classic activities in the same project and the same workflow. Its simply a filter that shows or hides them, but they are just activities to use like any other and don’t have any conflicts with each other.

You’d be surprised at the flexibility you have, you can even have C# based workflows in a project and it compiles correctly, you just cannot edit in Studio or view the expressions, you can even go a step further and have an activity in C# format in a workflow, with all other activities in

Go wild.

Do you have any idea or video how to use object repository in organization level i appreciate you can share your insight tutorial and doc.

Hi @Aleem_Khan

you have a detailed explanation in academy. Please use the below link

Happy Automation

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Checkout this video


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